I have been using Subversive as my main SVN plug-in for my instances of Eclipse both at home and at work since it is now part of the Eclipse foundation. It woks pretty much like SubEclipse which is the SVN plug-in I used since I started using Eclipse for my Flex and ColdFusion development.

I had a new unpack of Eclipse 3.4.2 Ganymede (Eclipse is not installed, just unpacked from a zip archive in case you did not know) and I needed to use SVN to check out some code. As usual I added the repository for the Subversive plug-in, clicked install and let it rip. It installed with no problem which it should and as with all plug-in installs for Eclipse, it requires an application restart. Everything is happening by the numbers thus far.

After Eclipse restarted, I proceeded to checkout an SVN project like you normally would, some of you who are attentive might have noticed something by now. Anyway I pasted the URL link into the repository URL and guess what? An Error got thrown. To those of you who saw this coming, kudos to you.

As all who had used Subversive before, the plug-in and SVN connectors are in two different repositories. From what I understand this is due to licensing issues but that is a story for another time. The point is that after you install the plug-in, you are supposed to install the connectors which I did not do.

So I thought no biggie, I will just have to install the connectors. Then my episode of getting AssetionFailedException errors kept on happening when I tried to install the connectors. So tried a different connector repository and still no dice. I was like what in the name god happened? Then I tried doing an update for all my plug-ins which is no small undertaking considering the fact that my friend here blew my home bandwidth cap and after an agonizing 11 minutes, same error came up.

At this point I felt that maybe I should just unpack a fresh Eclipse and start over but then I tought could this be a plug-in issue because Subversive ran without its dependent plug-in which perhaps caused some corruption? I closed Eclipse and fired my command prompt and did this :

c:\> cd eclipse

c:\eclipse> eclipse –clean

The clean argument passed onto Eclipse as you probably know is something used to basically start Eclipse and re-links all the plug-ins together and flushes everything save for your user preferences, at least thats what I think it does. I hoped this would flush out the corruption in my plug-ins wherever they might be.

After long waits and loads of resource consumption (note to self: running aTunes, Pidgin, Chrome and Windows Update is a bad idea when running eclipse -clean), I tried again to install my SVN connectors. Now it worked like its supposed to and then I decided to blog about this. Hope this helps somebody else who had the same issue as I did.

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