As some of my colleagues and friends know, I really can not get enough of Orianthi. She is known primarily to most of us as the late Micheal Jackson’s chick guitarist. While she can seriously shred her ass off on the guitar, I actually really dig her music. It has been quite awhile that I have heard awesome Bon Jovi esque guitar driven pop-rock. I do not mean the guy takes up a guitar and strum chords and have huge sounding guitars. I mean good pop songs with some rock swagger like cool riffs, energetic sounding, attitude and naturally guitar solos @ goreng @ SHRED !!.

The album starts off like Paramore with solos put on. Some might also say its Kelly Clarkson with actual Rock N’ Roll in it. Personally I find both descriptions are accurate since this is chick pop-rock but what I feel that Orianthi does differently is that rather than cloak the pop sound with rock grit/edge, Orianthi has the rock grit/edge and polishes it with pop music finishing thus making her more genuine as overused/cliched as that sounds. The later songs deviate from this sound however, ‘Think Like A Man’ and ‘What’s It Gonna Be’ are basically mid-tempo classic rock leaning rock numbers with groovy guitar riffs driving the song or as a friend of mine is fond of saying ‘Attitude’ rock. ‘Untogether’ is a blues rock sounding ballad that might have been sung by the Los Lonely boys if they decided to get a more commercial sound. ‘Feels like home’ does sound a little bit like late era Bon Jovi ballad which is awesome. ‘Drive Away’ is a song co-written with Steve Vai, it has a blues tinged modern pop-rock sound that would fit nicely as a Kelly Clarkson song. The instrumental ‘Highly Strung’ seriously sounds like full blown Steve Vai song with all that exotic sounding guitar virtuosity which showcases how good is Orianthi’s guitar chops. The final song which is a ballad ‘God Only Knows’ returns to the modern rock sound of the earlier album with loads of emo sounding vocals.

Overall I am very pleased with her album, its about damn time they bring back good rock music to the mainstream which in my opinion is now dominated by Nickelback, Linkin Park and <insert generic punk rock band> clones. Would she be the harbinger of the return of the 80’s esque gutiar driven pop rock bands ala Def Leppard, Bon Jovi and Poison? I sincerely hope so.

Yes I plan to buy her album in case you were wondering. I am cheap but not that cheap :p