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How to quit being a quitter

A course got too hard so you dropped it, someone looked at you weird at the gym, so it’s not worth going back—you name it, quitters always have an excuse for quitting. And, on the surface, it’s easy. But deep down, quitting is more like a disease. Being a quitter will work against your normal physiology, and it will stop some natural processes, creating whirls of free, unused energy, which will most likely transform into body imbalances- also known as illnesses. So, come on quitters and learn to stick things out with these five ways to quit quitting.

This helpful article outlines just how to fight the urge to give up when things get rough, allowing you to successfully accomplish tasks and goals. A must-read for anyone prone to preemptively throwing in the towel.

Basically just grab your goal by the balls and keep at it. There is no quit or give up, only retreats before you get back at it again ’till you get it.