Cross-platform Silverlight out-of-browser Facebook client finally launches

Back in April 2009, Microsoft demonstrated a pure-Silverlight Facebook application called Silverface. Everyone thought it had vanished into thin air, especially with Fishbowl’s release. It seems, however, they’ve been working on a Silverlight client the entire time: ladies and gentlemen, the beta Silverlight 4 Client for Facebook!

And boy was it worth the wait.

I won’t bore you with a laborious review with lots of screenshots — Think Different has pictures, if you want — I’ll just tell you that this thing works, and it works really well. It’s black and swish and shiny and silver. The entire gamut of Facebook functionality has been brought over to the Silverlight client. Status updates, photo browsing, mail — even a neat photo uploader tool.

Plus it has notifications, ala TweetDeck or Growl. You can just forget most of the apps I listed in last week’s Five Facebook Desktop Apps feature — this bad boy does it all.

Except chat. It doesn’t frackin’ do chat. Anyway, give it a go — you’ll need to install the new version developer version of Silverlight, but it’s worth it, I promise. Microsoft Silverlight > Adobe Air?!

Damn, and I thought the Fishbowl WPF based desktop application was cool. Looks like Adobe is going to get stiff competition from M$ for the cross platform RIA app arena.