I have been working extremely hard as I have this mindset whereby if I don’t do all that I can when I am young, I will not be able to achieve them later in life due to age, commitments and passed opportunities.

I guess that sense of insecurity is causing me to me chew on huge loads of things. I have taken it upon myself to do podcasts, start my own open source project, learn all sorts of technologies and also participating in some home brew products with friends which may or may not end up as a product for a start-up.

I am however starting to wonder if I have spread myself too thin too fast. I noticed that my work rate has been slowing in all areas, I have been feeling very exhausted practically everyday and I have trouble focusing on things.

Perhaps I should take this weekend to think things over and perhaps it is time I scale back my personal projects and start living. Perhaps it is about time I do what brings me piece of mind rather than whats going on now which is dividing my mind into several areas and giving each sections huge headaches that when combined is perhaps whats caused me to be in the state I am in.

Perhaps I should start slinging my axe and be a bed room Rockstar with my good friend Teko and basically start living again.