While doing house chores for the new year, I realized that life is very much like Chinese medicine. As those who have taken Chinese medicine know, traditional Chinese medicine is a bitter and bad tasting thing and takes a very long time to take effect. However, when it does take effect chances are that it would have a long lasting and high effective result. There are also plenty of Chinese remedies that do not work as differing people have differing reactions to the herbs used in the medication which leads to some getting less affected than others and some just don't work at all. The latter being medication fueled by superstition, false beliefs and tradition rather than hard science.

Life is like that, its a long and bitter road, filled with bumps and false starts. If you persevere however, the fruits of the hard road are sweet indeed. However like the differing people having differing reactions to those medicines, results may vary. Some might have wildly successful lives, some have comfortable lives and some end up bitter and sorrowful. There are also those who WILL fail in life because they road they took was based on false beliefs, tradition and superstition. Those will blame the world for their failings and see fault in everything around them rather than the choices they made.

How do we know which road we are on? I guess that boils down to the ability to listen and formulate ideas of your own. Chinese medicine itself is a cocktail of multiple herbs that have differing properties depending on the ratio of the herbs in the mix. Think for yourself, read, kaizen/continuous improvement and be open to new ideas, alter the mix as you go on. If you keep on the road you are on, stagnating and only worrying on the moment, you might not end up where you want to be in the long run. Stagnation was what caused the collapse of the later Chinese dynasties.

Whats road are you on? Only your mind and time can tell. It is your choices that determine the mix of herbs and how effective it will be. Herbs have defects too and some may not be the ideal herb, its up to you to work around it.