HTC Desire hits T-Mobile UK, black prototype spotted online — Engadget

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Seeing this video makes me know why people would rather wait for HTC’s spin on the Google Android UI, Sense UI to the uninitiated. The UI done by HTC really puts the standard Android UI to shame.

Now HTC, please make a HTC Desire PRO with a QWERTY keyboard akin to that of the HTC Touch Pro2 and you got a killer.

(*keeps fingers crossed and thinking of ways to save cash in case that day comes*)

Official: Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus for AT&T ‘in the coming months’ — Engadget

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Yes folks, it’s finally really happened. Today Palm announced that its dynamic duo — the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus — will be making their way to AT&T’s network “in the coming months.” We won’t bore you with too many details on the devices, since you can read our review of the non-Plus Sprint variations here and here, and the Verizon versions right here. What we will tell you is that at an undisclosed time, the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus can be yours for just $149.99 and a deep-discount $49.99 (with a $100 mail-in rebate and two-year contract), respectively. The Pre Plus will be similarly equipped to its Verizon counterpart (16GB of storage, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1), and the Pixi should look awfully familiar as well (8GB storage, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth 2.1), though AT&T will be offering a variation with a blue back plate (in addition to the standard black and other swappable covers). Both UMTS / HSDPA devices will support AT&T’s new Address Book service as a Synergy sync option, and will have free auto-connect access to the carrier’s WiFi +20,000 hotspots. We don’t know when we’ll get our hands on these guys, but Palm will be showing off the AT&T-ified versions of the handsets at the upcoming CTIA… which we will of course be attending. It should be interesting to see if hopping on AT&T’s network will move the needle for Palm, let’s just hope those “coming months” are, you know… pretty soon. Full PR and one more pic after the break.

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Wow, a GSM Plam Pre Plus, now you’re talkin’. If they tighten up the build quality and manage to learn from their previous mistakes. This is one device I would seriously consider getting….