MSI WindPad is a 10-inch, Intel-powered Windows 7 tablet — Engadget



Fist it was the iPad, now the Wind Pad, whats next I wonder?

Dell Streak’s Gorilla Glass Screen Test – An Eye Opener ;)

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Video of the Dell Streak’s screen getting tortured. Can’t wait to own one ūüôā

Starbucks Bottled Coffee @ JayaOne ColdStorage

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Google App Engine for Enterprises with SQL

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Some quarters have always panned Google App Engine’s lack of enterprise features such as only allowing access to the enterprises own systems services to not having full SQL support.

Well the Big G has listened and seems to be intent on answering those issues in one fell swoop….well almost .

As you can see above, those two limitations have been addressed. The SQL part would be really interesting as now as the most common database engine, SQL is not supported. The pricing however does seem a little….interesting as seen below:

This can be a real bummer for those of us wanting to create mass market applications but then again we get Google’s legendary scaling capabilities.

The new Google App Engine for businesses is yet to be fully implemented so this might be subject to change. Guess we will have to see if this takes off.

Video of ‘The Geek Economic Model’. Interesting take on how to motivate the knowledge based workers of the 21st century.

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This is really an interesting video and to a certain extent I agree with what they are saying. The cases of the validity of their ideas are seen in Google, Rackspace, SAS, Atlassian etc.

My organization does not explicitly say this but it does allow a great level of autonomy when it comes to doing stuff and exploring ideas. Perhaps thats why I will stick around for some time ūüôā

Shelby Mustang GT500 Video. Muscle car awesomeness !!

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Damn this car is nice !! The sound of the engine and the looks just screams GANAS !!

Why I want a Dell Streak / Dell Mini 5i

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As you would probably have guessed, I am giving a statement, not a question. 

The reason why I like it is because of its nature, it is a hybrid of a MID and a Smartphone. The reason why I like MID/Tablet devices was because that they have more screen real estate which makes it easier to consume content and type using the touch screen. The latter is because it is easier to touch the keys with more accuracy, touch screens lack the tactile feel of a real keyboard which I am spoilt with (thanks to Sony Ericsson P1i, Nokia N97 and Nokia E63). With such large visual keys are am more than willing to forgo blind typing SMS-es, notes, emails and blog posts. 

What I hated about MID / tablet devices were that they always came from the direction of a computer which makes them unwieldy to lug around. This was what made me gravitate towards smartphones which are more compact and have almost netbook style computing power. The Dell Streak here however marries both what I love about MID/Tablets (large screen, powerful processing power relative to its size) and the more compact form factor of smartphones.

Some of you might say why not the Nokia N900? Truth be told I was really interested in the device but after trying it, I knew it was work in progress and with the uncertainties around the new MeeGo OS, I decided to pass on this. The N900 is a great device but the software portion of it is what made me turn away from it.

Some of you may say why not get a smartphone and a tablet/MID, I would like to ask this question, why do I want a device with so much overlap? Why not have both in a single device. It is not only more handy to have a converged device, it is also more economical for somebody like me in Asia. We don’t have the crazy subsidies on devices and our wages are much lower. Most of us would rather just spend on devices that are more versatile with more bang for buck.¬†

The reason why people would buy so many products here with overlap are either that they are from a well to do family or it is a status symbol to own the latest and greatest or just to simply show they have cash to burn. Having a device like an iPad just to read periodicals or have bigger screen to see media is intriguing but lets face it, if you just want to consume media, there is always the trusty PC, laptop or smartphone. How different is a iPad to a iPod touch or even a laptop other than having more screen real estate when compared to the iPod touch or having a more kick-ass gesture interface compared to the aging usage paradigm of the laptop? What can be achieved in a tablet like the iPad can easily be achieved on the aforementioned devices.

In my opinion, we need devices that offer more bang for buck and versatility. The Dell Streak does this, it does both smartphone and MID/tablet. I do think that tablets may be of some use in the future but until pricing and utility meet, I think the iPad will be like most Apple products, a luxury product. 

The only tablet I think that will succeed would be if that the Microsoft Courier concept were to come to fruition. That is one device that I will definitely dish out money for. Why you may ask? It is because it marries the processing power and storage of a computer and marrying it to the utility of a paper. 

Link to Microsoft Courier’s Details :¬†

While it is cancelled, having such a device would really shake up how things are done and I believe that is where tablets should be heading. Perhaps from the ashes of this cancelled project by Microsoft, some crazy and innovative entrepreneur, HTC, Microsoft, Lenovo, HP-Palm or even Apple may come up with something like the courier.

In short, I think the Dell Streak may be a winner for Dell is executed properly. Time will tell if my thoughts about this prove to be right and if Dell can execute this product well.

In the meantime, enjoy this hands on video by SlashGear while we wait for it to be released:


webOS design mastermind Matias Duarte leaves Palm… and could be headed to Google — Engadget

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Interesting news, despite any opinions you may have regarding Android and WebOs, it is generally agreed that the former had very austere user interface while the latter is very polished.

If it is really the case, that is the design mastermind of the Palm WebOS is going over to Google, it should bode well for Android as it is in great need of polish.

Ford SYNC owners to get stock quotes, horoscopes and movie listings shouted at them — Engadget

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Hooray for voice command systems… that no one uses. Okay, so maybe someone uses ’em, but until voice recognition software improves drastically and / or our own memory banks swell dramatically, we still see most motorists reaching for buttons, toggles and wheels when it comes time to interact with their vehicle. That said, existing Ford owners with SYNC’d rides can soon do a lot more talking with their system thanks to a few complimentary updates hitting the Traffic, Directions & Information (TDI) sector. The cloud-based service will allow drivers to demand that a given stock quote, horoscope, movie time or travel inquiry be sorted and shouted, and just in case you glossed that last sentence over, we’re going to reiterate once more that your SYNC system will now read back your horoscope. And guess what? These updates should be taking effect immediately, so feel free to make a mad dash for your garage and try ‘er out.

Cloud in the car. This is is what I’m talking about.

Location based services in the car that can intuitively pass information to you thats relevant to your location. Traffic information, stuff to eat, news and all that in the car would be my dream come true.

Now when will Ford SYNC or similar services will hit Malaysia?

I sure as hell love the #Chromium & #Google community’s sense of humor. Does this qualify as an easter egg? #chrome

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On a side note, Chromium 6 is blazin’ !!

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