Seeing this really made me feel guilty that I am so into gadgets and high tech stuff. My passion and hobbies are built on the backs of these Chinese workers who are underpaid and have not much in way of a future.

We should value our gadgets more rather than just discarding them like a kid who got sick of a toy, come to think of it even that is probably on the same thing as this.

Our new ‘disposable’ consumer mindset is driving this as things must be cheap in order to be disposable. This is not the same as cost effective, cost effective means that the goods produced are of optimal quality and not over engineered to the point of it being too costly. At least that is the case in mind.

Perhaps we need to move away from disposable consumerism to something akin to the past whereby we pay good money for something and keep it for a long period of time. However the counter argument would be that it is this very mindset (disposable consumerism) is whats driving job creation and expansion.

I do not claim to have an answer for this but something must be done. Question is, what?