Gizmodo has done it again !! An exclusive on a yet to be released handset.

This time it is the Android powered Motorola Shadow. Interestingly this is for Verizon in the US. Perhaps this is Verizon’s answer to the Sprint Evo 4G?

The specs seem be similar minus the 4G on the side of Sprint.

I sincerely hope that the Moto Shadow is not exclusive like the Evo 4G is to Sprint. If so, please come to Asia like RIGHT NOW !!

Hopefully it will have a better camera than the Moto Droid/Milestone. I know it has more mega-pixels but from personal experience, higher mega-pixel count does not necessarily equate to good picture quality.

*Fingers Crossed*

Specsheet According to Engadget :

4.3 Inch Screen
HDMI jack
8 megapixel camera
Snapdragon processor
16GB of storage