Hooray for voice command systems… that no one uses. Okay, so maybe someone uses ’em, but until voice recognition software improves drastically and / or our own memory banks swell dramatically, we still see most motorists reaching for buttons, toggles and wheels when it comes time to interact with their vehicle. That said, existing Ford owners with SYNC’d rides can soon do a lot more talking with their system thanks to a few complimentary updates hitting the Traffic, Directions & Information (TDI) sector. The cloud-based service will allow drivers to demand that a given stock quote, horoscope, movie time or travel inquiry be sorted and shouted, and just in case you glossed that last sentence over, we’re going to reiterate once more that your SYNC system will now read back your horoscope. And guess what? These updates should be taking effect immediately, so feel free to make a mad dash for your garage and try ‘er out.

Cloud in the car. This is is what I’m talking about.

Location based services in the car that can intuitively pass information to you thats relevant to your location. Traffic information, stuff to eat, news and all that in the car would be my dream come true.

Now when will Ford SYNC or similar services will hit Malaysia?