Back to the Future debuted in theaters 25 years ago this week, earning critical acclaim and big box office numbers. Let’s hop in the DeLorean for a trip down memory lane and ten fun facts about Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and the rest of the Hill Valley crew:

  1. Michael J. Fox was the first choice for “Marty McFly,” but turned down the role because of scheduling conflicts. Eric Stotlz was then cast and shot scenes for four weeks before filmmakers decided he didn’t fit the role and asked Fox again who was able to adjust his “Family Ties” schedule.
  2. Ronald Reagan quoted the flick in the 1986 State of the Union Address.
  3. Originally, the time machine was a refrigerator, but director Robert Zemeckis worried kids would accidently lock themselves in refrigerators after seeing the movie.
  4. Columbia Pictures rejected the first draft of the script, deeming it “not sexual enough.”
  5. Executive Sidney Sheinberg wanted to change the title of the film to Spaceman from Pluto.
  6. Professional skateboarders Per Welinder and Tony Hawk helped with the skateboarding scenes.
  7. John Lithgow was the first choice for the role of “Doc Brown.”
  8. The movie won the Academy Award for Sound Editing.
  9. In the original script, Marty used the power of an atomic explosion at the Nevada Test Site to return home.
  10. A scene in which Marty pretended to be Darth Vader was cut from the film.

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