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The war wages on between major American cities in the quest for gadget supremacy, but which gadget-loving city dwellers reign supreme? Retrevo set out to answer that question in their Gadget Census 2010. Pitting cities against each other—New York vs. San Francisco, Chicago vs. DC, LA vs. Boston—the census revealed, amongst other interesting tidbits, the West Coast’s penchant for all things Apple and the East Coast’s fondness for e-readers.

A handful of highlights from the gadget battle royale:

  • New York vs. San Francisco: The city by the bay crushed the Big Apple in terms of Mac operating systems, with 94 percent more people using the Mac OS. In keeping with the Steve Jobs-loving theme, San Francisco residents also owned 23 percent more iPhones. New Yorkers did nab one Apple title though with 30 percent more iPads.
  • Boston vs. Los Angeles: In keeping with the East Coast’s love of e-readers, Boston topped LA in ownership of the portable reading gadgets, possessing 43 percent more. It seems LA folks like playing games more than reading as Angelenos owned 24 percent more game consoles than Bostonians.

Full report at Retrevo.

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Interesting to see how different tech tastes can be based on geography.