Dating site OKCupid has released a handful of statistics that could put a bit more swagger and bounce into the steps of iPhone fans. Tucked into a blog post titled “Don’t Be Ugly By Accident” (pfft, who hasn’t been there?), the site slipped in the fact that iPhone users have more sexual partners compared to other smartphone users.

According to the numbers, male iPhone users have gotten busy with 10 sexual partners by age 30, compared to 8.1 for BlackBerry users (what position counts as 0.1?) and 6 for Android users. On the flipside, iPhone-wielding ladies bedded 12.3 roll-in-the-sack partners by age 30, while BlackBerry users racked up 8.8 and Android devotees managed 6.1.

A possible explanation: what else is there to do when AT&T’s 3G coverage gets spotty? Bam chicka wa waa.

Full story at TIME.

Sex, sex, and more sex.

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iPhone makes people more sexually desirable?