Well I certainly don’t deny they provide a full experience which includes cheating and extremely BAD customer service.

1.       Tour to Yosemite gets cancelled

2.       Because the tour included 1 night’s stay, I had to pay additional 30% for an additional night at my hotel.

3.       I’m forced to pay twice for a service which should have been discounted

Even though I pointed out to their vendor – Bike n Roll – that I PAID isango!, they maintained that the money paid to Isango! is only for booking and will be reversed. Fine, I couldn’t well walk out without paying could I?

I try calling Isango! but all you get is a voice telling you they’ll call you back – but never do
I sent them an email and they responded they were checking with the vendor.
After more than 3 weeks of no response, I email them again.
Guess what they said? “we are still waiting for the vendor to respond”
Hello, Isango!, what the hell is that about? As far as good customer service goes, YOU should have refunded my money and sorted whatever issues you have with your vendor  in your own sweet time. If you require financial evidence I have it all to prove I was forced to pay twice for the same service.
I must say you have a wonderful model worked out where people can’t really call you and you never call them back so you never have to deal with them in person – so to speak.
My post on their wall: