This is good.

A blog called Three Word Chant has dug up an infamous Newsweek article dating back to 1995 titled “The Internet? Bah!” .

There are a number of quotes that will leave you grinning proudly about how wrong author Clifford Stoll was, but before we criticise, let’s accept this is 1995. The Internet was a mess. No Google. No method to the madness. It’s understandable how many may have believed there wasn’t something in this Internet thing. Then again, this author really should have known better, Clifford Stoll is a US astronomer and author, you would expect someone of his technological background to have you a more inspired vision of the future. You can read more about him here and watch a mad (and I mean mad) TED presentation of his here.

You can read the article below. My favorite parts are highlighted in red.

The Internet? Bah!
Hype alert: Why cyberspace isn’t, and will never be, nirvana