Dropbox is an extremely handy service, and it’s made even more handy by all the developers who create useful new ways to interact with our Dropbox storage. A while back, Jay wrote about AirDropper — which allows other people to email files right to your Dropbox.

Today, I discovered DropItToMe. Like AirDropper it allows other people to add files to your Dropbox. DropItToMe, however, works via a password-protected Web page.

Register at DropItToMe and you’re given a URL (like http://www.dropitto.me/lmathews). Create a nice, secure password during the sign up process, pass it out to your friends, family, and co-workers to whom you want to grant access, and you’re done. You can now receive uploads of up to 75MB (plenty big for the types of files I stash in my Dropbox).

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Cool tool for those of use for those who want another way to access dropbox.