I’ve been reminded of this gem, given to me by skilled person I trust, which really speeds up the way Notes 8.x in Eclipse feels. I can’t say if its actually faster, but it does feel much faster. I’ve heard some interesting stories about why this isn’t set to a higher default, but since they’re only stories I’m going to hold off repeating them.

Use your file explorer to find this directory:

UPDATED 10/12/2009 for Notes version 8.5.1 The file “jvm.properties” is now located in a new place.


For versions prior to 8.5.1 —

In this folder, look for the file “jvm.properties” One of the first lines that isn’t commented out (preceeded by #) is:


Change that line to roughly half of your available ram. The recommendation I was given was actually 768, but since I have 3gb of RAM available to XP I set mine up a bit higher.


Note: Make sure you close Notes before you do this, and that all the Notes processes are terminated. If you’re not sure, reboot first. Go ahead, try it, and report what you think.

You guys may be experiencing the snazzy new interface of Lotus Notes 8.5.1 but the speed does not match the nice new look. In other words, it is VERY slow.

Found this fix while I was having lunch.