Most of you who are familiar with the Malaysian government healthcare service will probably be shocked that I am a full believer of the system.

Granted the service is slow and the administrative staff can be improved, which is putting it mildly.

However the pros outweigh the cons. The medication from my experience is top notch. Normal healthcare centers do not stock the drugs they do because only Government hospitals will purchase the best stuff as they are very expensive. There are countless times when my illness was solved with just one visit to the hospital.

Furthermore the government hospitals in my experience(especially the one where I was nearly paralyzed waist down), do more through checks. Maybe I was lucky to get the good doctors but they really did a very good job at explaining whats going on and examining me. 

The real catalyst would be that insurance companies ALWAYS reimburse and not reject claims from government hospitals. Private hospitals are well a mixed affair but then again the cost difference is also much higher. I went to a government hospital for my episode and have to pay RM50 or so for all the medication and consulting. The private hospital I went to charged me RM300++, five times the price.

The government healthcare system is one of the things I think the government did right and credit should be given where it is due. Thank you.