Verizon’s chief operating officer John Stratton mentioned today that “LTE smartphones are on the horizon,” a sentiment the carrier has been echoing since it launched its 4G network earlier this month. That alone isn’t new, but what is new is the mention of Moto in the same breath: “Motorola will be right there.” He wouldn’t go into specifics about models, specs, release dates, or prices, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the offering looked a little like the Tegra 2-powered device codenamed Olympus (pictured) — allegedly for AT&T — that we’ve seen floating around recently. For what it’s worth, we’re also aware of models from HTC and LG in the pipe, so by all accounts, Big Red is planning on coming out with guns blazing when it rolls out 4G handsets next year.

Wow, Motorola is really releasing some kickass hardware lately. Quite a leap from the hole they were in previously.

Seems like Apple, Motorola, Samsung, and LG are leading the way in the mobile computing realm. The latter 3’s status would have been laughed off the face the Earth and beyond Pluto if that was said a few years ago.

How the times have changed.