Destroy The Computer !! Its HOMO !!

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The computer is a subliminal tool to spread deviant sexual preferences !! So says the experts in this picture !! :p

For the record, I think these people are maniacs.

Dr M stands by foreign language remark | Free Malaysia Today

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KUALA LUMPUR: Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohammad today clarified a statement that he made on foreign language as a medium of teaching in government schools.

In a recent interview with Nanyang Siang Pau, he said that Malaysia is the only country in the world with government schools that use a foreign language to teach a community whose ancestors originated from a foreign country.

A reader shot down his claim and pointed out that the Chinese language is taught and spoken in many countries. However, Mahathir begged to differ.

“There is a difference between teaching in a foreign language and learning a foreign language,” he emphasised. “I’m referring to the former. Learning a foreign language is not only permissible but encouraged.”

Mahathir also disputed a claim that Thailand has many schools which use Chinese as a medium of teaching.

“There are international schools which don’t use the Thai national language but they are not funded by they government,” he stated.

“Similar international schools that cater to expatriates are found in many countries, including Malaysia.

“Some nationals also attend these schools. But they are not like the Chinese and Tamil schools in Malaysia which are funded by the government,” he said.

Mahathir then roped in Singapore’s policy to use English as a teaching medium to further drive home his point.

“This hasn’t resulted in it being accused of being anti-Chinese, anti-Tamil or anti-Malay,” he said.

“The national language of predominantly Chinese Singaporeans is Malay but Chinese, Tamil and English are also official languages which are taught and may be used.

“If anyone wishes to refute what I state here, they are welcome. But they must provide evidence to show that I am wrong,” he said.

Never thought I would say this but he does have a point.

Scientists build double-floating-gate FET, believe it could revolutionize computer memory — Engadget

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Look, we get it, you want DRAM that behaves like flash, flash that behaves like DRAM, and everything in between — speedy computer memory that doesn’t lose its data when the power goes off, and lasts for years on end. Well, it looks there’s a new challenger about to enter that ring — double floating-gate field effect transistors, currently in prototype form at North Carolina State University. Whereas the single floating-gate variety is currently responsible for the flash memory in your USB keys and SSDs, the second floating gate lets bits of data stay in an active, ready state, but the computer can also apply a higher voltage to “freeze” them in place. Since the memory can switch between static and dynamic modes in a single cycle and the data never disappears in between, researchers imagine the new tech could lead to instant-on computers and power-saving techniques that shut down idle memory banks. That’s the consumer take, at least — find the technical deep dive at our more coverage link.

Interesting RAM technology.

Zend Framework XML web.config file for IIS 7.5


Click here to download:

web.config (1 KB)

This is just something that I decided to post up because finding this config file for IIS is a wee bit harder than it should be.

Just dunk this into the document root or amend your current config file with these extra rules and you should be all good.

Google Code Blog: Make quick fixes quicker on Google Project Hosting

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Online editing of your source code via the code management console over the web? Mind = Blown.

HTML5 gets a brave new logo for this brave new world — Engadget

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The lynchpin for all discussions of open web standards, HTML5, has been spruced up with a dedicated logo from its parent organization, the W3C. We’d wax poetic about it, but that job has already been done:

“It stands strong and true, resilient and universal as the markup you write. It shines as bright and as bold as the forward-thinking, dedicated web developers you are. It’s the standard’s standard, a pennant for progress. And it certainly doesn’t use tables for layout.”

[Thanks, Matt]

Love the superhero-ish iconography of the HTML 5 logo, right on the heels of the superhero Buddhist temple lol.

Comic of the day that really made my day.

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LOL, this is a very funny comic strip.

Buddhist temple inspired by superheroes and Keanu – Boing Boing

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 Wp-Content Uploads 2011 01 Temple3  Wp-Content Uploads 2011 01 Temple6 Over at FEELGuide, Brent Lambert shows us the magnificent, and magnificently odd, Wat Rong Khun buddhist temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Designed by artist Chalermchai Kositpipat, it reminds me a bit of a Buddhist Sagrada Família enhanced with images of, er, Superman, Batman, Avatar, Keanu Reeves as Neo, and the Predator. From FEELGuide:

Keanuuuuu Designed in white with some use of mirrors, the color symbolizes Lord Buddha’s purity, and the mirror stands for Lord Buddha’s wisdom that “shines brightly all over the Earth and the Universe.”  The bridge leading to the temple represents the crossing over from the cycle of rebirth to the Abode Of Buddha. The small semicircle before the bridge represents the human world. The big circle with fangs is the mouth of Rahu is a representation of hell or suffering and the impurities of the human mind (similar to the Christian concept of original sin).  All of the paintings inside the ubosot (assembly hall) have golden tones. The four walls, ceiling and floor contain paintings showing an escape from the defilements of temptation to reach a celestial “all seeing” state…

Undoubtedly the most bizarre element of the design is the presence of contemporary images throughout the interior. Images of the Predator from the Schwarzenegger film franchise, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Avatar, Keanu Reeves’ character in the Matrix, rocket ships, and others line the walls.

Now I have seen it all, a Buddhist temple with superhero sages. Yes folks, superheroes, including Neo, Bumblebee and Superman among other things.

KFA2 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 WHDI graphics card is first to go wireless — Engadget

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Wow, this graphic card looks like something out of Star Trek man.

Z-Type | A cool html5 game

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Check out this website I found at

Check it out =)

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