Well folks, today would rank as one of the crummiest days in the annals of Ben. No Reza/Raj/Francis, if you are reading this I did not do that to purposely give out queer innuendos, I just like using words that have double meanings to expose how deviant your thoughts can be 😉  

Anyway today I woke up with a searing headache, flu like symptoms sans fever and other assorted crap which I DO NOT NEED. I stress the do not need part. This is quite prophetic as a friend of mine did say something will happen along these lines although I'm quite sure he had the fever in the package. Well we don't always get what we want so live with the fact that I am not suffering as much buddy :p

Anyway today was spent with zero productivity which is rare for me, no technical journals, weird code experiments, new database stuff, weird boutique programming languages and other assorted technical things that give me a false sense of importance and MIT genius-ness. All I did was nap, wallow in my sickness induced sorrow, play portal, wallow some more, try to do some of the aforementioned pretentious technical things, wallow even more and watch Veronica Mars Season 2.  

Now seriously man, why in the name of God did they cancel Veronica Mars? That was one kickass show. I will admit that I was not very keen on it at first as I took it for another Gossip Girl/90210 MK 2 sex, emo and cat fight kind of show but as it turns out Veronica Mars was not that. I mean there is some of it but the show focuses on a Nancy Drew-esque character which happens to be the namesake of the show while investigating a mystery throughout the season. I go write an entire blog post about the show but seriously check out the first 2 seasons. The third one was okay but I was seriously looking forward to the 4th season where Veronica goes to Quantico, Virginia to attend the FBI Academy. As mentioned earlier, I guess we don't get what we want all the time eh?

Anyway I am drowsy from meds and writing incoherently, better stop now. I bid y'all adieu and I am off to see the Sandman.