Net-less Day

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Today was the day my UniFi/FiOS broadband connection died, 3 consecutive times. I sure as hell hope 3 is a charm. The very fact that I have to haul my ass to a coffee shop with crappy WiFi and a tethered phone that apparently does not like it when I use Team Viewer is making my life a wee bit too miserable.

Bersih Rally @ Stadium Merdeka July 9th 2011

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I was actually very conflicted about going to the rally. On one hand I supported what they stood for, a cleaner government and a return a more pure form of democracy. On the other I was worried that I might bring myself into physical harm and being the sole bread wiener of the family, I would put undue strain on my family.

However after some deliberation and encouragement from my friend, Kok Ming, I decided to go just to do my part for a free and fair election. This is not to show my political convictions or what not, I just wanted to show my support for reforms such as the use of indelible and more transparency in public institutions.

I made my way down to KL Sentral station via LRT and walked to Stadium Merdeka braving the rain. There were people there whom I suspect were volunteers ushering people to the stadium. I chatted up with people from all walks of life, be it Malay, Indian or Chinese on the way there. 

We were stopped by a police road block near the entrance of the stadium near the Chinese temple. There were loads of cops, press lawyers and again, people from all walks of life. This truly felt like 1 Malaysia, citizens coming together and wanting to solve a common problem regardless of religion, race or creed. 

I chatted up with people there, all of us shared our frustration at the elections or at least the perception that the election is not truly fair along with the excesses of certain government officials at squandering taxpayers money. Again this was regardless of race religion or creed. 

After awhile the police officers there fired a water canon on the ground as a warning shot. The Bersih leaders and the lawyers who were present advised calm and things calmed down. The riot control trucks also came closer to the barricade. The only thing that can be considered mildly rowdy were the chants, “Daulat Tuanku” (long live the king), “Hidup Rakyat” (long live the people), “Bersih” (clean) and political chants. I felt the political chants were inappropriate as this was a apolitical movement. We are here to ask for a better election process and a cleaner govenrment, not political gains.

Other highlights were the arrival of a famous Malay writer/poet whose name eludes me now who really brought the spirits of the people up, the arrival of this pumped up Chinese guy who denounced the corruption of the government and led the people present into singing the national anthem, Negaraku. That was the first time I actually sang it and felt something, patriotism. It may not seem like it but I never really realized I love Malaysia this dearly until today. Okay enough of my corny self absorbed thoughts. There was also some guy who was wearing a PAS jacket and had loads of the Malay supporters cheer for him and I joined it since he is here in support of a cleaner government and cleaner electoral process, he is cool right?

After awhile, the cops pulled back the riot control trucks and the riot police also pulled back. Guess they realized we were here to prove a point, that is that we want a cleaner, leaner and better government along with electoral reforms to level the playing field. We wanted no violence or anything wild that would cause harm. The police helicopters were flying quite low though, guess they wanted a better look of us waving them and in some cases, people giving them the finger and other assorted vulgar gestures.

What infuriated me today and can be said to be the catalyst of me really being pumped up was when I found out that the cops gassed and purportedly stormed Tung Shin Hospital. I felt that crossed the line because for me, hospitals are sacrosanct and should not be touched. Granted the protesters went into the Hospital but that was still no cause for them involve a hospital.

When the clock struck 4, the leaders of the rally instructed us to disperse which we did. We even helped clean out the trash. Bersih indeed eh? Anyway on the way back there were groups of people chanting political slogans alongside slogans calling for the stuff I was there for and again I reiterate, cleaner government and elections.

When I reached KL Sental station, I smelled tear gas, something that I have not smelled in a long time. I heard that tear gas was used there but I guess seeing is believing eh? It was dissipating but I still felt the string on my eyes and the dry feeling at my throat. The authorities took down the Putra LRT train stop there along with several others which was I guess to prevent supporters from coming in, other stations were still operational though. This forced a lot of people to go via the KTM train line which was quite a bummer as the trains on that line are slow and cramped. 

After that, me and my buddy Kok Ming took to Mid Valley, completed our business there, went to University station and went to Sid’s pub for some beer and burgers. We felt good as we felt like we have vented our frustrations and both of us hoped that this will lead to a better Malaysia. I felt this was a good precedent that shows Malaysians can work together on common issues and forget our differences.

I will keep my fingers crossed. Pardon the grammar mistakes and all that as I wrote this off the top of my head and I am very tired for working late yesterday and the long day today. Thanks Kok Ming for coming with me =)

Reading Values From The SharePoint People Editor Field

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Anyway, reading values from it was not exactly a straightforward exercise. After some reading, these were the codes I wrote to read values from that field:


This works regardless if the PeopleEditor field is set to only use one user or multiple user. 

The alternative method would be to use the ResolvedEntities property which although a working method, is not my preferred method. The reason being that in order to get the SPUser objects, I will have to do the following steps:


This works great if you only plan to use users that are already registered in the SharePoint site collection. This will fail if the resolved identity is not in the user list (SharePoint Groups and SharePoint All Users) as is you noticed in the code I wrote above, it relies on the SiteUsers property of the RootWeb.

Depending on how you want this to work, both paths provide a way to read values. I would go with the former if it is an open system and the latter if you want it locked down. 

Hope this is of help =)

Cloud Hosting Options

July 7, 2011

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Twitter Engineer Talks About the Company’s Migration from Ruby to Scala and Java

July 7, 2011

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Guess now the poster child for Ruby on Rails just went coffee. With scalable solutions now becoming more important, does this mean that people will move away from stuff like Ruby and move towards more traditional industrial grade frameworks?

– benjamin wong | sent from my samsung vibrant

Yale Raised 4 Billion For Expansion

July 6, 2011

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Yale Raises Nearly $4 Billion –…

Man, them Ivy League universities sure know how to raise cash. It is for the biggest expansion of their facilities.

Confucius Says:

July 5, 2011

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Got this off my Google+ stream lol

Unifi’s Speed Excellent, Customer Service Abysmal

July 4, 2011

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I will give to them that the connection is pure magic…when it works. Their customer service is plain horrendous. Waited for 20 over minutes and had nobody picks up the phone.

When they did and sent their technicians over, they were rude to my mom and were trying pushing the buck someone else. To the best of my knowledge such behavior is unbecoming of any service provider company. They went off and no follow up from their customer service guys. Does it look like the customer has to worry about your company's internal workings and to whom you contracted out your work to? The onus is on Telecom to abstract these complexities to us and not throw it all on the customer.

Ended up tracing the contractors who installed the line. Now those guys are helpful and nice. Far cry from their principal company.

At least they contract out work to nice people. I sure hope somebody up there in their management sees what's wrong and prove the stereotype that government led companies are filled with lazy bafoons. I am being optimistic I know but beats being whiny about it and make yourself even more angry, no?

– benjamin wong | sent from my samsung vibrant