I have recently went on quite the book spree, mostly technical books but these 3 are the exceptions.

Under The Dome – Stephen King

The king of horror novels is back !! I admit that his latest books weren't quite to my liking but I heard this book is getting good reviews. Decided to give it a shot. Bought it so I will have something to read on my flight to London.

Business Model Generation – Various Co-Authors

I don't usually buy business books but this book seemed rather interesting as it provides, at least at first glance, a pragmatic and visually illustrated view on how business is made. Does not appear to have too much business acronyms and theoretical explaining. It is not that I don't like to read dry topics, I am perfectly fine with it but business books tend to lead me to ask more questions and have very nebulous explanations for things, hope this can get me started.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Indistinguishable From Magic – David R. McIntee.

I have always been a trekkie / trekker and always will be. I have been following the novel universe for quite some time. I always had the opinion that the Star Trek novels are usually more well written than those of Star Wars (the Star Wars Admiral Thrawn trilogy was AWESOME!!). Hope this book would be interesting. Perhaps as a reflection of the general state of affairs in the world, the trek novels of late tend to be gritty and depressing too. Such are the times we live in eh? Even childhood franchises are affected.

– benjamin wong