Those who know me know that I was an early user of Apple right up to their pre-iMac days before I took the plunge to use the PC due to my financial situation and the increasingly scarce software for Mac OS 9. I have followed his progress through the times and he did stumble, he mostly succeeded. Through iron will and belief that his ideas were right he led Apple, Next and Pixar into success. 

Despite him being diagnosed with cancer, he fought a battle that would be to many, a lost cause. Still he soldiered on and led Apple though its most successful years since his ousting from Apple computer by the board in the 90's. Despite the pain he must have been feeling having death hanging over his head emotionally and physically, he was always all hands on deck and got things moving. Only when things were very bad was he forced to stay out of the front. 

His dedication and drive should be an inspiration to us all on how one should live. Achieve all you want in life through sheer determination on what you want, it may not have worked out the way you wanted but at least you tried and furthermore success will come eventually though sheer hard work and belief in one's self. Setbacks happen so just suck it up, mope around for a bit, man up and move on.

As cliched as it sounds, a bad start does not mean a bad end. Guess his death has made me realize many things and  I will do my best to go out and do what I need to do. We won't live forever and as a character from the series "Game of Thrones" mentioned, "Death is the only god there is, all you can say is not today". It may not be an exact quote but it does illustrate that the fact that we are all waging a fight against death himself and he will eventually win. We may not have had the best start due to circumstances or poor decisions, all we can control is how we end it. I personally would rather stare down death when he claims me and say, you may have won but I have done all I wanted with life and you have not taken anything away from me. Will death @ The Grim Reaper flinch at that remark? I won't know but what I do know is that I won't be the one flinching.

I leave this post by this Youtube Video of his speech in Stanford University. Perhaps his best speech ever.