I do not agree with that the Nazis did in World War 2 and I am using their signature salute figuratively. I am in no way a Nazi supporter not do I support totalitarian regimes. 

However, one thing that iron fisted leaders do well would be purging the country of crappy politicians and getting shit done. It is what draws people to such leaders in times of dire need. Something we all need these days, leaders with ample will and capability to deliver the goods.

I would Sieg Heil to such despots myself if it were not for the fact the price is too high and such leaders usually screw up the country in the long run or turn insane. If those leaders are lucky, they will be immortalized and the people will somehow develop amnesia, forgetting all the crap that the despot did.

Guess life these days is always between a rock and a hard place. Indecisive leaders and power hungry despots, a honest hell and a false paradise. History that is a littany of false starts and missed chances or revisionism of history, redacting the bad parts.

Okay, enough pretentious thoughts on how things are. I will end this diatribe by putting in a picture of this blog post’s namesake. 


Interesting times we live in eh?